HumidFoodie to the Rescue

Over the years, this blog has seen many an adventure since our official “coming out” at the International Film Festival in Vienna in 2007. We have been a beacon of late-night cravings and trusted recommendations, but above all – a provider of heartwarming stories of how we are all intertwined, showing how food brings us all together in culture, comfort, and creativity. All of the support and love y’all have given us for the last 10 years has been amazing, and now, we’re taking HumidFoodie to the next level.

One of the things we love most is helping our fellow foodies and favorite restaurateurs and chefs create (and achieve) the most engaging and memorable experiences possible. For the last 20 (!) years, we’ve been coaching, consulting, taste-testing, attending soft openings and offering advice and guidance to leaders and innovators in the food industry across the globe. When we’re truly moved by the experience, we send shout-outs with positive and honest posts to our followers.

This love for making friends and sharing meals across the globe has led us to the stove-top again and it’s time to stir the pot a bit. While we love writing and being a part of your daily reading life, we also want to be more engaged in our community and see y’all face to face!

So, as of January 1, 2018, we’ll begin offering our services to those who want to be more and do more. We want to work with others who want to bring passion to life in a way that is fulfilling and sustainable. If you own a restaurant or bakery, or if you’re thinking of opening one, or, if you just love to experience life through food and drink, we’re ready for you.

Want to open your own place (or almost ready to open)?

  • Pre-Planning Coaching helps you focus in on your passions and goals so you can form a plan to reach your wildest dreams and open your new place.
  • Pre-Launch Consulting means we’re by your side as a sounding board and troubleshooting guide for the inevitable problems with permits, neighbors and suppliers, and to help you with the “little” things that seem to get in the way of the big issues, like website/social media creation with copy, menu creation and proofing, tweaking FOH and BOH processes and procedures, and more.
  • Soft- and Grand-Opening Planner and MC – we take care of the planning and execution, allowing you to mingle and schmooze without worrying about the phone ringing, whether the kitchen’s running right or if you’re out of ice.

Already have a place to call your own and want to bring it to the next level?

  • We Coach & Consult on a variety of needs – revamping menus, updating & upgrading dishes and drinks, rebranding, customer engagement, customer experience and surveys, giveaways, and more.

Not opening a restaurant or bakery, but want to take advantage of our wealth of know-how and know-WHO?

  • We offer Customized “Dining Experiences” for groups as small as 6, to as large as 50, no matter the dietary restriction. Drop us a line ( to discuss what we can create for you. Don’t forget to send the proposed dates and your budget with purpose (i.e. conference, retreats, team-building, holidays, etc.). We’ll send you a form to fill out based on your needs and to schedule a consult.

We’re looking forward to this next course in the life of HumidFoodie, incorporating our love for food, drink and people with my skills as an attorney, social worker and educator. Thank you for all of your trust and love over the years. While we may not be posting here on the blog every day, you can always find us on Instagram, Twitter, Untappd, and Facebook.


Sheila aka HumidFoodie

HumidFoodie in Antwerp
(c) Photo Credit: Verena C. Haas
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