New Orleans Food Lovers Unite!

Despite my better judgment, I’ve finally realized this blog is a long time coming.

I’ve spent the last twenty plus years admiring the art of cooking, and even admiring the ability of others to throw things into a pot and make it taste like a million bucks. My father could cook like there was no tomorrow, but my mother … she burned things while staring at them in the pan.

I vowed to not be a “burner” and have even perfected a few dishes over the years, but more than anything, I enjoy the combination of simple tastes by my most favorite local chefs. I aspire to try as many dishes as possible in my life, save the ones tainted by olives (yes, I know). I spent undergrad and grad eating the most basic meals at home (spiral pasta with chicken and mushrooms, my favorite). I spent the next three years of my life in law school, and eating … not so great. I did have a year stint of picnic spreads for lunch (cheeses, veggies, fruits and crackers), but the majority of my dinners were out to eat. I was working a gazillion hours a week and so I spent my breakfasts with the boss-man. Full breakfasts five days a week is hard on the gut … and over the three years of law school I gained 60+ pounds. It wasn’t a pretty sight, but I did love me some food.

Fast forward to studying for the bar, where I discovered the most beautiful way to pass the time when I needed a break — food and photography blogs. I came across Jaime and fell in love. Her appreciation for food and the unyielding love for her family is beyond comprehension. From Jaime came Tracey. Tracey’s sass and pizzazz gave me hope for a better life of food and experimentation. Then came Brooke, aka Conversations with a Cupcake. She and Jaime are friends, and it shows. Next came Joy, the Baker … and a woman after my own heart. While I have always enjoyed cooking, baking is my love. There’s something about taking that warm pan of sweet cornbread out of the oven and smashing a tab of salted American Beauty between a slice … Just the thought of it makes me want to jump up and bake a loaf now.

Above all, though, is the one blog that really turned me on to sharing the love of food — Tastespotting. Forgive the analogy, but Tastespotting is the porn of all foodies … some photos are better than others, but the raw and uninhibited passion of those who share a love for all things food is a sight to behold. Yes, that was pun intended.

Tracing back some steps … studying for the bar. I ate incredibly well during the time; healthy and paying attention to everything that went into my mouth. I swam every single day and lost 30 pounds in three months. I realized the food blogs were my sanity, and I could appreciate the food from afar. Now, after the bar is over, I’m sworn in and a practicing attorney, I realize that I was most happy with those blogs in my life everyday. Who would ever thought that something so small could have such an impact.

Thus, here we are. Fast forwarding to today.

I’ve been talking about this blog for a long time now and have even created a special folder on my desktop labeled “Food Blog Photos.” Let’s hope that this works out … and that I’m able to share my love of New Orleans in a consistent manner. Perhaps we’ll get a following … perhaps not. Regardless, here it is.

The Gianduja Budino
The Gianduja Budino

The Gianduja Budino from Domenica, John Besh’s latest restaurant. Exquisite and unlikely, it is quite possibly one of the best desserts I have ever had. Domenica’s Dinner Menu is short, but full of flavor. I’ve been three times now; the most recent was while the Prime Minister of Israel and our Vice President ate in the very next room. Our Secret Service holds nothing to the IDF. They’re both talented in their own ways, though.

Tune in for more … I’m hoping to fill these (web)pages with something more than just my ramblings.

I apologize in advance for the poor lighting, the poor photography and any typos … of course. 🙂

~ nolafoodie

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