I had the most magnificent meal at MiLa last night. As is typical, I enjoyed the beautiful rendition of love on a plate from the Chefs via the Seasonal Tasting Menu (or, for those in the know, the digestion). You can NEVER go wrong with MiLa.

Much love to Christopher Hoggatt of Coloriage. You remember, right, I mentioned him before? He’s awesome .. and hopefully, *fingers crossed* he will write a bloggy and we’ll either feature him here as a guest blogger, or link you to him.

In the meantime, feast your eyes on these (not so great because of the fantastic dining lighting) photos:

The Tastiest Wine
Broccoli soup with creme freche and butter-fed shrimp
Scallops, zucchini, bok choy, frothy goodness
Asian Pear Gelato
Super Peanut Butter Cup
Super Peanut Butter Cup 2

I have no more words … go make a reservation NOW.


~ nolafoodie


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