Satsuma (part …. one of many)

Today, I woke up with a compelling need for pineapple ginger limeade. Of course, the only place I know I can get this awesome fresh juice concoction is Satsuma in the Bywater. Then came the debate, to eat or not to eat. No rocket science required …. EAT!

Started off with an iced mocha and the juice, topped off with a table full of food to feed an army …. my army, that is!

Kudos to the smart peeps in the kitchen who came up with the Bacon, Basil Brie Melt on sourdough, add tomatoes and carmelized onions with a side salad. Next came the Bywater Benedict, a tasty twist on the Benedict we all love: fried eggs, nueske’s shaved ham, caramelized onions on a just perfectly firm biscuit topped off with a not too heavy, not too spicy just right Crystal Hollandaise.

Nice job, kids!


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