The New Trifecta

There’s not much else better than gumbo, rice and potato salad on game day. Of course, that large pot of red beans with andouille sausage cooked earlier today might be as good, but only if it were Monday Night Football.

I’m starting to believe that the many options for gumbo outcomes is as important as gumbo is symbolic to the melting pot of New Orleans itself. The many cultures, the many recipes …. It’s just too much to bear.

Not to diss my family or anything, but I seriously love a dark, spicy, heavy gumbo. I’ve only had a few bowls in my life, but when I have, it’s been mind blowing. Then, you find yourself before a sweet pot of light but hearty chicken andouille gumbo with your favorite potato salad and all your wants and desires fade to the back ….

Dig in, enjoy this awesome comfortable NOLA weather and know that tomorrow is Monday. Bring on the red beans! Geaux Saints!!

~ nolafoodie


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