Ms. Patsy Phipps … saying goodbye

It’s taken me a week to get here. To compose the words that I struggle with each day, that I want to say to her … and to the world, really … unabashedly and without reservation.

Last weekend, completely by happenstance, via Facebook no less, I learned that my dear friend, mentor and colleague passed away. First, shock. Then, devastation. Apparently she passed away in August … and for a month I had called and texted her, wanting to see her before I left for the Continent. My last voice mail to her in September specifically said that I was worried about her, because it was not like her to not respond, and to please, please call me back. But still … no one told me … not even those who should have sent an email out to the community of us who loved her, trusted her and gave our energy to her and her passions willingly, quickly, with rarely a second thought.

I am so glad that I chronicled at least a few of our adventures together at ONE Restaurant and Lounge, Bouligny and more. Ms. Patsy was a kind, dear, loving, giving and vibrant woman. I will miss our dinners, lunches and wine adventures. I will miss her no-nonsense-get-on-board attitude about doing what we love and not worrying about the rest.

So, Ms. Patsy, to you I raise my glass, and I thank you. I am a better professional and teacher because of you, and an even better person and friend. I know that wherever your soul may take you next, that you will continue to enjoy the love of life, friends, family and sustenance. I miss you so.

Bouligny Wine & Burrata! YUM!

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