The day to day (Happy 50th Post to NOLAfoodie!)

In case you missed it, click over to the last two posts about love and life.

The days here seem to be getting busier, and if nothing else, cooler and with more rain. I’ll have to invest in an umbrella soon. One that will fit me and what feels like the 100 pound elephant on my back. Law books; they’re the best!

In the few weeks I’ve been here, there are a couple of things I’ve been reaching for on a day-to-day basis that I had no idea I’d miss.

First, my crockpot. I thought to myself the first time I wished for it, “no, let’s do this the old fashioned way,” but “old fashioned” quickly became code for “time consuming” and so I began my quest for the one thing in my kitchen I apparently can’t do without.

I communicated with two of the biggest kitchen/chef specialty stores here in town (Mmmmmh! and Home of Cooking on Avenue Louise) and it quickly became clear how much of a specialty item I’d been spoiled to at home. Not so easy to get, a rare find it seems. My French flatmate hadn’t ever heard of a Crockpot, much less a slow cooker! I will learn her yet. So, after some negotiation, Home of Cooking graciously sent me a link to purchase one online. A 3,5l (3.3qt) beautiful baby boy, almost like my mom’s little girl I left at home.


Second, besides my trusty supply of Rubbermaid containers, are spatulas and mixing bowls. So goes the baker in me, desperate for every last drop. There are a few other things I know I will want as the fall turns into winter (muffin pans, cookie sheets, cake pans), but for now, I’ll take what I can get.

I was recently accused of being a minimalist in all things except kitchen gear. I proudly agreed, though you know, now that I think about it, I’m not sure I’m a minimalist at all. Perhaps sentimental, perhaps a lover, but not so surely a minimalist.

Here are a few photos of my latest adventures in food ….

Roasted Red Pepper, Corn, Bean and Chicken Salad with fresh greens and a slice of 7 grain
French Crepes made by my lovely flatmate, topped with an amazing special Belgian brown sugar. I added peanut butter! WOW!
Late night Friterie attack … with a spicy mayo sauce. To. Die. FOR.
Pastries: Moka (back) & Miserable (front). I think the Miserable was literally stuffed with butter. Oh my.
Patisserie Renard … who made those yummy treats above
Lunch in the canteen last week … Moroccan Vegetables with Cous Cous … topped with a tomato sauce from the “Veggie” line

And here are some lovely photos of Brussels in the morning.

Etangs d’Ixelles
My view … every morning

With love, from Europa,


2 thoughts on “The day to day (Happy 50th Post to NOLAfoodie!)

  1. Amazing photos. You have to find the irony in NOT having a slow cooker as being time consuming. Who’da thunk it. Mmmmm j’aime les frites.

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