Phil’s Grill! MMMM!

Happy Spring!

Alright, I’ve been threatening this post for a bit now. It’s time …. PHIL’S GRILL!

The best fried chicken sammich out there. My personal favorite? The Hornet’s Nest! It was Burger of the Month recently, and now, because of the customizable menu, I am able to order it every time — BotM or not!

The Hornet's Nest -- Phil's Grill

So, the thing to love about Phil’s Grill is that you can build your own burger. And by “burger,” I mean you can have:

  1. 100% Black Angus
  2. Hot Sausage Blend
  3. Homemade veggie burger
  5. Turkey
  6. Bison
  7. Alligator (or)
  8. Tuna

Now, let’s think about this. Everything you could want … you can put it on a bun. Seriously. And not just ANY bun, but you have the choice of:

  1. Whole Wheat w/ Oat Topping
  2. Baby Iceberg Lettuce “bun”
  3. Onion
  4. White sundried tomato
  5. Jalapeño Bun (or)

So, you’ve got all these choices. Today you might feel like bison, the next you might feel like tuna, and on Saturday, let’s do gator! All fine and dandy. Sounds cool, right? Choices!

But let me stop you there.

For those locals (and those special “visitors” who have had the privilege), we all know how great Zapp’s potato chips are. I mean, seriously. They’re Zapp’s. The yummiest chips around. (My favorite are the Cajun Dill.) I even bought my sister a special pack after Christmas, since you can’t find Zapp’s on the shelves in the Northwest. She was delighted to have a huge box of chips magically show up at her door. Such a New Orleanian, she is. 🙂 (If you order over the interwebs, let them know we sent you!)

Okay, back to the chicken. Focus.

Think about how much you love Zapp’s. Now, think about how you love the end of that special bag of chips, the crunchy baby pieces with all the seasonings … all at the bottom of the bag, nestled together in a great big pile of love. How all that goodness just … crunches in your mouth as you tip that edge of the bag back and savor that last special bite.

Now, think of that plastered and coated on a giant (did I say giant? I meant HUMONGOUS) piece of chicken breast.

Now, fry it.

Now, put it on a fresh soft tasty slightly spicy jalapeno bun.

Now ….

eat it.

So, maybe by now you’re thinking nolafoodie’s lost their mind, right? Seems reasonable. I mean, come on. Who gets excited about a chicken sammich? It’s just a chicken sammich, right? Au contraire, mon ami. But, it’s not.

I don’t know what they do over there. I wish they would teach me. I’ve mentioned about how I am not so good at cooking meats, right? Well, this fried chicken sammich is by far the juiciest, most tender, most perfectly cooked fried chicken sammich on the face of the earth. It’s like a little slice of heaven on the palate, with all your billion tastebuds so excited that they got to eat at Phil’s Grill again. (Notice those sweet potato fries. Those were pretty tasty, too. Oh, and that NOLA brew … that was tasty, too. Perfect blend of carbonation, sweetness, and saltiness for the meal!)

I’m not sure what you’re still doing here reading this. I’m about to leave myself.

Go. Run. Drive safe and swiftly to Phil’s Grill. Tell them we’ll be there soon and to put a chicken sammich on for us.

~ nolafoodie