It’s a gorgeous Saturday in NOLA … T-6 hours until St. Patrick’s Day!

This time of year is always a splendid time of year. Festivals, outdoor activities, parades … Yes, parades. It’s not Mardi Gras, but you recall that NOLA is all about the parade, no matter the month.

Today was no exception. We’ve been swamped with work and long-term goals and taxes and it was time for a baby brain break today. We started out the day with French lessons at Alliance Française de La Nouvelle-Orléans. Then, off to a JSJ session with Connie Rubin. Following that, there was a leisurely porch experience coupled with a semi-serious conversation in Northwest Carrollton. After a day of what felt like luxury, I made an executive decision — Santa Fe and puppies were in order!

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I love this city. Of course, I will probably regret my day of fun in a little while when the deadlines which loom stare at me … but it was nice to procrastinate, if even for a moment.

Tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day, when the events of all the lovely Irish-American organizations in town come together to celebrate a culture that runs deep in this city. One of my favorites, Chef Matt Murphy, is hosting a two-day block party at his restaurant, Irish House. There are plenty of festivities, so, go out there and enjoy this magnificent weather and remember … Lent is almost over.

~ nolafoodie