Bouligny, Satsuma, Patois! OH MY!

This month has been a haberdashery (pardon the misuse, but you get my drift) of here, there and everywhere. Between all the goods (and services) of the law, there lie the things which really matter — good friends (old and new), beautiful food, adult beverages and the like.

I’m off to Houston for a training for a few days, so I thought I’d leave you with a few photos of my last month’s fun and love on a plate … Enjoy!

Bouligny, Satsuma & Patois

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Followed up by a lovely evening out at a Mano, for the incredible Tales of the Cocktail!

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I couldn’t resist just one more … this stupendous sandwich from Maple Street Patisserie:

Maple Street Patisserie's Black Forest Ham & Brie on In-House Foccaccia!

Next post, I’ll try to remember to recount my visit to High Hat Cafe and Ancora, which are two new restaurant partnerships by my favorite chef in town — Chef Adolfo Garcia .

I’ve been all over this beautiful city this month, including two more stops at ONE Restaurant and Lounge. Unfortunately, the lighting was a little dim for good photos, but of course, you can imagine how much I loved it, as I always do!

I’m really looking forward to August. Amazing, I know!

Happy eating!

~ nolafoodie