Ruby Slipper Cafe!

Apparently it’s strawberry season! Yes!!

This morning, I had the best breakfast at the Ruby Slipper Cafe downtown. I normally go to the Midcity location, but today, some guests were in from NYC and to make it easier on them, we met down at the one at 200 Magazine since it was so close to where they are staying — the Ambassador Hotel.

Ruby Slipper Cafe New Orleans
The Basic Breakfast -- scrambled eggs, potatoes, sub fruit (no melon) and sub a strawberries and cream special pancake of the day!

Not an impressive photo, you’re right, no, and it certainly doesn’t do the breakfast justice, but you will remember, I did apologize for that already.

When I say “tasty” … what I actually mean is incredible. Today’s special pancakes were the Strawberries & Cream pancakes. Perfectly cooked and moist, they tasted like a sweet strawberry shortcake. Had I realized how lovely they would be, I would have just gotten a full order. Our visitor had a short stack of his own, and let’s just say those were the first gone on the table.

The Ruby Slipper always has great daily specials, but hands down, they have the best pancakes in the city. The cream on top (not quite “whipped” but certainly fluffy) was the perfect addition. I find that at the Ruby Slipper, I never need butter or syrup. The pancakes alone are worth the extra $1.50 sub cost instead of a biscuit or toast.

As a kid, I loved making pancakes. In law school, I often cooked for my study group during finals. We’d have a long day of studying ahead, and we’d start it off with a plate full of my special pancakes, cooked just the way my father cooked them way back when. Pancakes are a reflection of when times were good in my life … I always feel like a kid when I make them, let alone eat them.

So, next time you’re at the Ruby Slipper, ask for the strawberries & cream pancakes. Maybe they’ll make it a seasonal item. We can only hope.

~ nolafoodie

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