Superior Grill!

So, I have another confession … I don’t do “leftovers.” Call it snobby, call it picky, call it whatever you like, but there’s just nothing ever as good as the moment food comes off the chef’s pan, onto a plate, onto my table, onto a fork, and finally … into my mouth. There are very few places from where I’ll actually eat leftovers the next day, and even those are far and few between. Superior Grill, however, now that is one place I will eat leftover chicken fajitas from any day!

Fresh chicken and tomatoes with grilled onions and bell pepper, topped off with that awesome pico de gallo! YUM!
The whole spread!

Knowing how crazy it will be at Superior Grill tonight (it is St. Patrick’s Day and all), I took the liberty of lunching it yesterday instead. In fact, it was such a beautiful day, I was able to sit out on the patio and enjoy the breeze. Though normally I might have a margarita with such a meal, at 2 in the afternoon, a margarita didn’t sound like such a good idea. Instead, I opted for an AbitaAbita Amber to be exact (they were out of Strawberry Harvest). It was a perfect combination.

I love that Superior’s tortillas are made fresh everyday … and that the fajitas come out sizzling. That the chicken is tender, juicy and never overdone. Coming from someone who has an intense fear of salmonella and other … germs … this is a big deal for me. I try hard not to cook my meat till it’s dry as a bone, but nevertheless, when left to my own devices, chicken and meats are never done “just right” … I’m not in charge of cooking those things in my own kitchen, thankfully!

Enjoy this beautiful weather, and of course, check back for more!

~ nolafoodie

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