MiLa Monday

Last night I got a mid-evening text from a friend … spontaneity was in order, and my schedule somehow allowed it, and we found ourselves at MiLa yet again.

I’ve never had a sazerac, but for some reason, last night I had two. Toss in the glass of champagne and I began to have flashes of my younger days. Let me remind you … it was Monday. MONDAY. Don’t get me wrong, I had a blast, but wow, says my not-so-young self! But I digress.

Back to the consumables ….

The Sazeracs were made old school style. Not being a fan of black licorice, when a hint of it wafted my way, I thought, oh no (and apparently said it out loud) because I was instantly silenced by confirmation it was not … kind of. Regardless, the Sazerac on the nose was citrusy, grainy even, and soft on the eyes with a gorgeous deep hue. Suffice it to say the Louisiana state’s official cocktail was wonderful, but two in a night might be ambitious.

We only meant to have a drink, eat a snack and go elsewhere, but I couldn’t decide on the Shrimp Beignets or the BBQ Lobster, so I had both. My friend chose the fresh market salad …. a far smarter choice, certainly on the gut, at least! Nonetheless, I enjoyed the spread and as always, the last bite is always bittersweet.

MiLa, as I’ve said before, and will say again …. you do not disappoint, even on a Monday.


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