Santa Fe on a Friday!

I love Santa Fe. While there are moments I love to go out and have a sit-down-white-table-cloth dinner, there’s nothing as comforting as heading to Santa Fe for a leisurely outdoor dining experience … yes, even in the summer.

Last night was no exception. Being a regular has its perks: you get a drink named after you; you get to see Gus and pet him and he barks his love when you arrive; the owners, Carlos and Loli greet you with hugs and European kisses on the cheek, and the staff passes by to check in on your life. It’s a wonderful thing to be loved.

After sipping my namesake and stuffing in the best Queso and salsa in Midcity for two hours, the decision of the main course was upon me. Rather than stick to the same ol’, same ol’, I went with something new, the Salpicon de Mariscos. Served up in a martini glass and cold & fresh as can be, all was well once again. I’m not quite sure how the process works when you “cook” in citrus, like a ceviche, but I don’t much care. Santa Fe always does a tremendous job at the quality and consistency of the menu.

After a grueling day of bitter legal fighting, I could think of nowhere else I wanted to be.

Thanks, Santa Fe, for another wonderful memory to write over the bad!


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