Why, hello, Kona Grill at the Galleria Houston!


“Slender” drink … Effen Cucumber Mojito for me! Effen cucumber vodka, cucumber, mint, line, Splenda simple syrup. When I get home, I’ve decided I will experiment with flavored simple syrups, mostly to add to my iced coffee, but still.

Next up, Sweet & Spicy Shrimp!


Next course, half order of Pad Thai combo, chicken and shrimp! The photo didn’t save, but trust … it was pretty tasty.

Last course, in a deviant stretch off my course, was the banana cream pie. No, I didn’t eat all of it, but enough to satisfy that sweet tooth. First dessert I’ve had in probably a month. After all the stress with Isaac, I do believe I deserved it. πŸ™‚

Yes, indeed! Happy Friday!


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