Cafe Belga


So, today I decided to take my coffee out. I stopped by the infamous Cafe Belga and enjoyed a lovely cappuccino and chocolate croissant for less than 5€. Pleasantly surprised, in fact.

There’s something to be said about Europeans and the French and their breads. You recall that I love Maple Street Patisserie, yes?

I just can’t get enough of fresh baked breads, filled or not! The croissant was perfect, gently crispy on the outside, chewy in the middle, with a fine layer of chocolate paste to boot. Perfectly satisfying.

I’m sure I’ll come here again to enjoy the sights and the warmth of the cuisine, perhaps even a beer or after dinner drink, but coming here to work appears to be out of the question, especially on a Saturday. The noise level was almost unbearable, with acoustics in this beautiful building akin to the Rue on Oak. High ceilings. Tiled floors. Floor to ceiling windows … No fabric in sight. Gorgeous for the eyes, hard on the ears. It’s going to be just fine for a reprieve from the day to day, but maybe not to get through the list of things to do. 🙂

I’ll give you an update when I come by again. Perhaps a weekday will make it more amenable to a prolonged stay.

~ nolafoodie

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