Hiatus …. ending?

I’ve been offline for a while. Busy, exams, thesis, running, traveling, injured, eating and just taking a break from my online life. Don’t hate me. πŸ˜‰

But, those days are just about done. I’ll be back in Brussels next week after a hot hot HOT (and yet brief) summer vacation in NOLA. After a few weeks of eating almost everything in sight (yes, yes, of course, I’ll upload a slideshow later), it’s time to go home. Well, my second home, my new home, where my person is, and where I’m hanging my hat. Have you every noticed how many sayings there are about home, always starting with “home is where ……. “?

In any event, on this eve of eve of eve of eve of my travel back, I’m reminded of one of my earlier posts about being a New Orleanian wherever you are. Family, friends and food. The 3F’s of life.

Life is grand, down at "da camp" in Grand Isle

So, friends, sit back, grab a snack and reminisce with me, okay? Follow this link for a flashback: “Be a New Orleanian. Wherever you are.”


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