Coming Out

It’s time. No, really. It’s really time. It’s time I made time … for you, for me … for sharing!

In case you missed it, in a previous post, I wrote about why the blog has been quieter this past year. And, at the end, I promised a few things:

Since that post, I’ve had more than just a few adventures, thanks to a handful of lovely friends here in Brussels. I won’t bore you with all the bloody details (the true New Orleanian in me almost wrote marys, there 😉 ). Suffice it to say that this past year has really been a year of growth, of stepping out of my comfort zone, of requiring more of myself and those around me, of keeping the negative out of arm’s reach, of bringing the sweetness closer to my heart. If you know me personally, you know that I completed Marie Kondo’s The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up this year. You know that I found a stack of love poems written by my father as a teenager, photos of my mother from her senior prom, pictures of me with my father and pictures of my sister with my brother. I rediscovered my space this year, and in it, I rediscovered myself and what I want out of life and my career and my relationships.

And, well, I guess what I am really saying, is that I also realized that because many of you don’t know me personally, it’s hard to keep close to me or feel connected to me if you don’t even have a face to go with a name … and to be honest, more than a handful of times this year I have surprised people, visibly surprised people, that I am, in fact, HumidFoodie. When they discover me (the real me, in person human me) they’ve jumped up and down, hugged me, kissed me, laughed nervously, cackled and even gushed.

There’s something very comforting in keeping myself behind a screen, writing when I feel like it, and honestly, that won’t change … but I also thought that perhaps you should know who I am. In real time. In everyday life. So … take a look. Maybe accountability will make me want to write more. It’s certainly not about inspiration, right? I just got so focused on taking care of myself, and my space, and my heart, that those who know me (the human me) and who follow me on social media and read HumidFoodie religiously understood the balance that was my life. But for those of you who don’t (or don’t realize you do!), I took it for granted.

You see, I read all of these amazing bloggers every day, writing about one thing or another, on a posting schedule, having their persona, making our lives better with every passing post and I have just filled my life with their love and their passions … so that I could focus on mine. This isn’t the first time I’ve done this, and I am sure it won’t be the last. But for now, here come the posts, guys. 2016 will be a new year, a new me. Let’s do this thing!


If you’re in Brussels and want to take some New Orleans dinner home with you on Monday, 16 November, click here:

1st Meetsies Brussels - Red Beans and Rice

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