Brussels Food Friends: Food Bloggers Event #2

Oops! Where’d I put my brain? My memory? My photos? Oh, there they are.

The last time I covered a Brussels Food Friends: Food Bloggers Event (i.e., the very first one), I did so right before attending the second event. Now, this next Saturday (1 November, tickets might still be available if you are interested) will be the third #BxlFF (aka #BxlFF3), and still, here I am a week before, just remembering to cover the last one.

Over the last week, as I pondered why it’s taken me so long, and trying to push away the guilty feelings, I realized that I don’t do a recap quickly because there are a host of other amazing bloggers who were there, and who did their own recap. Tell me: what’s the fun in reading ten posts, which all say the same thing, at the same time? Instead, I think I would rather be the one who recaps right before the next one, that way you can get a refresher on all the fun we had last time, and have something really soon to look forward to, as well. So with that said, allons-y!

The second event was graciously hosted at a cool little hotel close to the Botanique: Hotel Bloom, to be exact. It was a nice venue; clean lines, comfortable chairs and a decently-sized space for such a large group. I have no idea how many of us came, but it was definitely more than we had at the first event! It was as great to see so many new faces as it was to see founding attendees. ๐Ÿ™‚ (Click on each of the galleries to see the photos in original hi-def)

There was a generous spread of raffle and tasting items, too! We had so many sponsors, it was crazy! The Waffle Van, Hotel Bloom, Luster, La Cucina delle Zie, Belgian Beer & Food Magazine, Bia Mara Brussels, Maison Dandoy, Belgian Beer Discovery, Olivetus, Chocolero … Wow!!

And of course, who could say no to waffles and cake?

We even had a guest speaker, Miss Foodwise, who came to us alllll the way from Belgium, via Britain! She likes red, in case you didn’t know. And Union Jack Blue, too. ๐Ÿ˜‰

BxlFF 2 - Miss FoodwiseAll in all, it was a fabulous event. We got really great goodie bags, full of interesting things, although I must admit, my favourite, hands-down, was definitely my 50% off discount for Bia Mara Brussels, my preferred fish and chips provider across the globe.

Sadly, I do not have a photo of everything that was in my goodie bag. I have no idea why not! I do have two photos, though:

For more photos from the whole shebang, check out the post from Brussels Food Friends here.

I am looking forward to this weekend’s #BxlFF3! We’re going to Maasmechelen Village! There will be champagne, chocolate and BURGERS! ๐Ÿ™‚

Happy eating!

~ HumidFoodie